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Are you new in the world of Yoga? And still confused that which poses you should try initially as a yoga exercises for beginners. Don’t worry then, as we will help you with this. So that you

Yoga for Weight Loss | Bridge Pose | Cobra Pose | Triangle Pose | Boat Pose

Half of the world is starving and half are looking out for the methods to lose weight. But what is better than yoga when it comes to losing weight. Around the world, there are many people tr
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Yoga Poses for Daily Routine || benefits of yoga || yoga for beginners

To stay fit should not be taken as a choice because it is very much needed today. If you are not fit today then you may be taking a risk with your health. And staying fit is not that difficu

Heart Healthy Foods | Healthy Diet | for Heart

Heart Healthy Foods Heart Healthy Foods is very important at this time. With the increase in the number of heart patients every year it’s now very important to take care of your heart. Ther

How to Meditate • Meditation Techniques for Beginners • Meditaion • Pranayama

How to Meditate Yoga Meditation is not a new thing introduced to the world. It has been going on since ancient times. However, earlier only saints or sadhvis used to practice it but now it’

Heart Attack Symptoms || Heart || Heart Attack || heart disease

How to recognize Heart Attack? Can anyone actually define how  Heart Attack looks like? Obviously, it’s not always like you see in the movies. That one person is holding his chest and screa

How to Increase Metabolism | Best and Fastest Way to Lose Weight |

The relation between Weight Loss and Metabolism You would have heard many times that for losing your weight you need to increase your metabolism. But generally, people just keep following t

Key to Good Health and Fitness-Exercise

Health & Fitness in Everyday Life In this era, we all should be very conscious regarding our health and fitness. As it takes no time in becoming fat from fit these days. And how can we
Stress and its effect on Life

Stress and its effect on Life-Anxiety, Panic & Health

What is Stress? Often, you all would have heard people saying that they have a lot of Stress in their life. And mostly in a negative way. Right? But have you ever thought that what actually