Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss-Hair Loss Cure 2018

Dandruff and Hair Loss

Dandruff and Hair Loss, both these problems are very common these days among most of the people. And often people think that they are losing their hair because of dandruff. And they may be right also but may be wrong also. Now you all must be in doubt that what I exactly want to say.

So people, first of all, you really need to know that can dandruff actually cause hair loss or not. And the answer is that no, dandruff cannot directly cause the hair loss. But yes it can be one of the reasons for hair loss. And we should not mix both the things. So for complete knowledge, we will tell you about few factors related to dandruff and hair loss.

Root Cause of Dandruff and Hair Loss

The scientific reason which is the universal reason why dandruff occurs is that of the microbe on our scalp. The microbe – MALASSEZIA GLOBOSA, which is present on every person’s scalp. It feeds on the scalp oil, which we all produce. And then forms the oleic acid, to which most of the people scalps are sensitive to. And it is an irritant for those people, which results in shedding the dead skin cells present on the scalp. These dead skin cells are the white flakes which we see and call dandruff. There are other factors also which cause dandruff-like dry scalp, too much heat, pollution, chemical contents in the shampoo, etc.


When we talk about the hair loss, then we cannot blame dandruff at first place for the hair loss. Yes, the itching which occurs because of dandruff can be one of the reasons for the hair loss. The other factors due to which the hail loss happens are lack of protein, anemia, hormonal changes, and stress. Other than these factors, the hair loss can be heredity also. The pollution, chemical contents used in shampoo or conditioners, several medicines also cause hair loss. So blaming dandruff directly for the hair loss is not the right thing.

Is dandruff the cause of Hair-Loss OR Hair Loss is the cause of dandruff?

Before reaching the conclusion that your hair-loss is actually happening because of dandruff, you should know this first.


  1. Ask yourself that what you saw first? Dandruff or Hair Loss? So this may look a little tricky. And it may sound like the chicken and the egg saying from the old school. That the chicken came first or the egg came first. But you should actually know that, to know the reason behind the two – Dandruff & Hair Loss.
  2. The second thing you need to check is the chemical contents which are there in your shampoo or your hair oil or the hair gel you are using.
  3. Is dandruff permanent or from a long time in your hair? This is also very important to know. Because if the dandruff is from a long time, then it means you have an unhealthy scalp. And an unhealthy scalp can cause hair loss also.

How is Dandruff responsible for Hair Loss?

When dandruff occurs on your scalp, you have an itchy scalp. And because of itching the scalp for getting relief, you all somewhere cause damage to your hair. Because of itching, your hair becomes weak from the root. It results in the hair loss, especially when you comb your hair or shampoo your hair.

Not only this, sometimes when you have dandruff on your scalp from the long time that also causes hair loss. Due to dandruff, your scalp becomes dirty and unhealthy. And so the hair which grows on that dirty scalp is also unhealthy. And it is more prone to the damage and loss in comparison to the healthy hair.


So now I hope that you all now know that dandruff directly not cause the hair loss. To avoid these factors which cause the hair-loss indirectly because of dandruff, you should keep your scalp clean and healthy. Make sure that your scalp is free from dandruff or use the shampoo for dandruff removal. Also, you can consult any dermatologist or endocrinologist, for your dandruff treatment. You can even know in detail from them that whether your hair loss is because of dandruff or other reasons.

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