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Exercises for lower back pain


Exercises for lower back pain

there is many exercise for lower back pain. Like our other body parts, our back also needs the equal attention which often gets neglected. And by the time we understand this, many of us already have issues in our back. So, it is better to start taking care of it before only. And as we believe more in Yoga, so here we are going to give you the information on Exercise for lower back pain.


There are many types of yoga which we do for weight loss, for burning fat, for our heart, for lungs, etc. And so there is yoga for back pain also. And continuously practicing yoga asana will not only help us in relieving that back pain. But it will help us in the long run especially when we will become old. Because most of the backache problem starts with the age. Now, the back pain problem is something which can happen to anyone. The office goers because of sitting for a long time in the same position, housewife’s because of standing for a long time. Even school going kids also as they have a load of books in their bag.

But if you will know and learn what to do for dealing with the back pain, then you will not have to face this for long. Yoga is benefitting us in many ways. There are many yoga asanas for back pain. One may find it a little difficult in practicing these yoga asanas in the beginning. But slowly and gradually, you will enjoy doing these yoga asanas. Now, let’s know about different Exercise for lower back pain.

Cat Pose

The Cat Pose Asana is beneficial Exercise for lower back pain. Cat Pose Asana is also known as Marjariasana. Where Marjari means Cat. To perform Cat Asana, you should follow the steps given below:

Exercize for lower back pain (Cat Pose)

Steps For Cat Pose Asana

  1. First of all, stand on your knees and your hands.
  2. Make sure that your wrists and shoulder should be in one line which means your wrists should be placed below your shoulders. And your knees should be placed under your hips.
  3. Now look straight at the front.
  4. Now while raising your chin, inhale and your head should be tilted backward.
  5. Bring your belly downward while raising your tailbone.
  6. Now broaden your shoulder and move your shoulder far from your ears.
  7. Remain in the same pose while breathing deeply.
  8. Now, while exhaling, bring your buttocks to the relaxing position. Your back should form an arch and your chin to the downward direction towards your chest.
  9. Remain in this position for a while. And then, go back to the same table-top position.
  10. Practice this for around 4 to 6 times.

benefits of cat pose

Precautions to be taken:In case, if you have any kind of problem in your neck or in your back, then it is better to check with your physician first before doing this pose. And if you don’t have any problem, then also we will suggest you do this Exercise for lower back pain under the guidance of any yoga instructor only.

Downward Dog Pose

Downward Dog Pose, which is also called as AdhoMukhaSvanasana or also called as Mountain Pose. Many people use this exercise for lower back pain. Here are the steps for doing this yoga pose.

  1. Stand on your knees and your hands, making a structure like a table top.
  2. Now, while exhaling, lift the knees above making them away from the floor.
  3. Now lift your hips and bring your knees and your elbows in a straight position.
  4. Your body should now be in a position of inverted ‘V’.
  5. Your hands and your shoulders should fall in one line straight. And your hips and your feet should fall in one line straight. And your toes should be pointing towards outward direction.
  6. Now by pressing your hands on the floor, bring your neck in a position that your gaze should be towards your navel but make sure your neck should not be bending. Your inner arms and your ear should touch each other.
  7. Remain in this position for few seconds, and then release this position and go back to the table-top position again.
  8. You can practice this 4 to 5 times.

Precautions to be taken:It is recommended that this yoga asana should not be practiced if you are going through these health-related ailments like a dislocated shoulder, detached retina, weak eye capillaries, and high blood pressure. Also, not to perform this if you have any back injury or knee injury, or shoulder injury. Without the help of a trainer and without consulting the doctor, we would not suggest you practice this Exercise for lower back pain.

Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose, which is also called as Setu Bandh Asana where Setu means Bridge and Bandh means Bind. This yoga asana is also helpful exercise for lower back pain. Now let’s check the steps for doing this yoga pose.


  1. First of all, lie down on your back straight on the yoga mat or floor.
  2. Now in the same position, bend the knees and keep them width apart from the hip.
  3. Make sure that the distance from the pelvis should be around 10 inches.
  4. Your knees and ankle should be parallel or you can that ankle should be under the knees in a straight line.
  5. Inhale and slowly start lifting your lower back, and then the middle and then the upper back from the mat or the floor towards upward.
  6. Now roll your shoulders, making your chest touch your chin.
  7. Your weight should be divided in between your arms, your shoulders, and your feet.
  8. Make sure that your thighs are parallel to each other and to the mat or floor as well.
  9. Now by giving support from your hands, try to bring your torso higher, while pushing your palms on the mat or floor.
  10. Hold the same position for around 30 to 40 seconds while breathing slowly.
  11. Now exhale and release the pose.
  12. You can do it for around 4 to 5 times.

Precautions to be taken:This pose should not be practiced if you are going through any neck pain or suffering from back injury. Also if you have any knee injury or shoulder injury then also avoid this, as it can make the situation worse also. And, as it is a little-complicated yoga pose, so we will recommend you to do it along with a yoga teacher only. Do not forget to ask your physician, if Exercise for lower back pain is good for your or not.

Locust Pose

Locust Pose is also called as Shalabhasana. Here the word Shalabh refers to a grasshopper. Like other yoga poses, this yoga asana is also beneficial for back pain. And other than back pain, it is also beneficial for other body ailments. Let’s know how to practice this one from Exercise for lower back pain.

Exercise for lower back pain( Locust Pose)

  1. First of all, lie on your stomach on the floor or yoga mat. Make sure that your feet and your legs are together. Your soles should be facing upwards.
  2. Now keep your arms at the sides and you’re your palms facing downward. Your hands should be tightened.
  3. Now raise your chin towards forward direction and making it rest on the floor.
  4. Now you have to close your eyes and relax while inhaling deeply.
  5. Now raise your legs slowly towards an upward direction. But make sure that your knees do not bend while doing this. Your legs should be kept together and straight while raising up.
  6. Exert pressure from against the floor from your arms making an elevated angle from the legs and contracting muscles of your lower back.
  7. Now without putting much stress on the body, remain in this position for some time.
  8. Now start bringing your legs down on the ground in the starting position while exhaling.
  9. You can practice this 3 to 4 times.

Precautions to be taken:Do not put much strain or stress on your body and do it in a comfortable manner. Those with the problem of heart or high blood pressure should avoid doing this yoga asana. Also, if you are dealing with stomach ulcers, hernia, tuberculosis, etc. then also you should not Exercise for lower back pain. Take help from yoga instructor while doing this yoga asana, as it is not as simple as it looks.

Make sure that you take care of all the precautions mentioned here along with the Exercise for lower back pain. You may even ask your physician also, that which yoga position is good for your back pain.

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