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Heart Attack Symptoms || Heart || Heart Attack || heart disease

How to recognize Heart Attack?

Can anyone actually define how  Heart Attack looks like? Obviously, it’s not always like you see in the movies. That one person is holding his chest and screaming in pain and then slowly passing out. No heart attack does not always look like that.There are silent heart attacks also, and in some cases, the pain is somewhere else. The research on the Heart Attack is going on from a long time by many doctors and cardiologists worldwide. And today we have many different Heart Attack Symptoms which people are not aware of. It’s better to learn about these Heart Attack Symptoms at an early stage only.

Why Heart Attack Occurs?

If we talk in the basic terms then we will say that heart attack usually occurs because of the blockage of blood flow from the arteries towards the heart. And there are the different reason for the blockage like the Cholesterol, Fat Build-Up, etc. That is why doctors keep suggesting us to reduce the fat intake, especially after a certain age. Else it can lead to many heart-related problems other than heart attack also.


We will share with you some common symptoms of the heart attack which are visible at the age of 50. Because in most of the men and women, the heart problem usually increases after the age of 50. And it is very important for you all to know about these signs and Heart Attack Symptoms to prevent the heart attack.

Heart Attack Symptoms over Age 50 in Men and Women

Well, when we talk about heart attack, there are few things we should know. Both men and women can get a heart arrest but the age varies. In men, generally, the heart attack occurs in between the age group of 35 to 55. It can occur, after the age of 55 as well but the percentage is very less.

In women, until the age of 50 or 55, the heart attack percentage is less, however, one should not ignore it. But in between the age group of 55 to 80, the percentage of Heart Attack is more in women. And they are at more risk, in comparison to men of the same age.

The Heart Attack Symptoms in both men and women are generally same and only a few signs differ. But you should not take any of the Heart Attack Symptoms normally and should consult a doctor.

Heart Attack Symptoms over Age 50

Below we are going to share with you some important and common Heart Attack Symptoms over Age 50.

  • Chest Pain – This is one of the most common symptoms. And many a time people avoid it thinking that it may be a usual pain. But it is extremely important to take these symptoms seriously and to act fast. Maybe the pain in the chest is only for few minutes.                               Or it may occur again and again, but one should not avoid it. During this chest pain, you may feel that something heavy is kept on your chest or somebody is sitting on your chest. You can also feel the discomfort and the tightness in your chest. One more thing you should know is that this chest pain is not always at the center.
  • Shortness of Breath – This is also one of the common Heart Attack Symptoms which you can see in both men and women. It is not necessary that you feel the pain in your chest during this. Not only in your chest but maybe you will not feel the pain in any of your body part. And you feel that it’s very hard to breathe. It may feel like you go out of breath after a long run or an extreme workout. In this situation also, you should immediately consult the cardiologist.shortness-in-breath-heart-attack
  • Pain in Arms – The pain can be in any of your arms, left or right. Usually, the left arm is said to be in connection with your heart but still, you can feel the pain in any of the two. Sometimes you may only feel the pain in the arms. And sometimes it starts from the chest and then goes to the arms. This may occur for few minutes and then will go away. And sometimes, it may start any time and then will go. One should take this sign on a serious note.pain-in-arms-heart-attack
  • Anxiety and Cold Sweats – It can be seen in both men and women. And both of them may start getting the cold sweat. Even you can feel the anxiousness or feeling of unrest. You may also get faint in this kind of Heart Attack Symptoms. So one should take care when this situation occurs even for once or again and again.

    Woman having night sweats
  • Apart from the symptoms which you read above, there can be other symptoms as well. Like you may feel pain in your upper body, your jaw, your back. Or you may that your heart pulses are racing at a high speed.

So whenever you feel any of these Heart Attack Symptoms in your body or in any person around you, take it seriously. So that you can save a life!

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