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How To Lose Belly Fat


How to Lose belly fat? This is something which most of the people around the world are worried about when it comes to their health. Because obesity is increasing day by day and we are still looking for different ways to deal with it. We know it’s not that easy to lose belly fat especially when it becomes the stubborn fat. But you cannot deny the fact that there are many healthy ways How to lose belly fat. It definitely takes time as no magic will make you lose belly fat in a week or a month. But it does happen if you know how to lose belly fat.

There are many people who do exercise to reduce belly fat. But alone, the exercise will not help you, if you will not have a diet to lose belly fat. A healthy diet is necessary for reducing belly fat. If you are doing exercise regularly but still not able to lose belly fat. Then, follow the instructions and the diet, we are sharing here for getting rid of your belly fat.

Different Diets to Lose Belly Fat

As we all have different body structure and different requirements, so it’s obvious, that one diet cannot work for all. So, here I will share with you different diets which you can follow to lose belly fat according to your body.

Steps are defined under for how to lose belly fat

Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet 

many people search around the web for how to loose belly fat. here we are with solution .From many years, people around the world are following this diet, and it has actually helped How-To-Loose-Belly-Fatthem in losing belly fat. Talking about the Keto Diet, so it is a diet which is on the concept of low-carbs diet only. It is called as Keto diet because following this diet helps us in producing Ketones in our body. And these ketones are used in the place of blood sugar when its count is low. And that is why it is a low-carb diet, as ketones are produced only when we consume less amount of carbs.

Those who follow the Ketogenic Diet, their body can easily burn fat, as the body completely runs on the fat in our body. By following this diet, your food craving will also reduce, so this will also help to lose belly fat. Consider eating low-carbs food items like nuts and seeds, eggs, avocados, tomatoes, green vegetables, salmon, tuna, turkey, red meat, bacon, etc. And completely avoid food with sugar content and starch, unhealthy fats, processed food items, Alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks, etc.

Atkins Diet 

people who are trying harder by searching on web how to loose belly fat.If we talk about the Atkins Diet, then this is also a diet plan which focuses on cutting the carbs from your diet, just like Keto Diet. There are 2 Atkins Diets and they are made as per the different requirements for losing belly fat. One is the Atkins 20 and the other one is the Atkins 40. Atkins 20 is for those who need to lose the weight more than 40 pounds . And whose waist measurement for men is above 40 inches and for women is above 35 inches. Whereas, the Atkins 40 is for those who need to lose less than 40 pounds. If you want a diet to lose belly fat, then this diet is good for it. It not only cutbacks your calories but also you will notice a lack of appetite in you.


Atkins 20 Diet will let you have only 20 grams of total carbs in a day, whereas Atkins 40 Diet will let you have only 40 grams of total carbs in a day. Also, the Atkins Diet is divided into 4 different phases which starts with the induction, then the balancing and fine-tuning, and the last one is the maintenance. Now, for deciding the number of days one has to be in the induction phase depends on how much weight you have to lose. The other two which are the balancing and the fine-tuning phase, here along with losing weight you can increase your carbs intake slowly by maintaining the balance. And you can follow the same until you notice that your weight loss curve is becoming slow. Then, you will again start cutting back on the carbs. And once you reach your weight loss target, then you have to focus on maintaining it for long.

In Atkins Diet, you can include nuts & seeds, broccoli, cucumbers, spinach, eggs, beef, cod, salmon, chicken, butter, cheddar, and olive oil, etc. But not both the Atkins Diet includes the same food items.

Vegan Diet

 The most trending diet these days is the Vegan Diet. It comes from the concept of Veganism, but when studied it was found that Vegan Diet is really helpful when you want to have a diet to lose belly fat. Unlike many diets which include non-veg food items, Vegan Diet is different. So, if you are still looking for how to reduce belly fat being a vegetarian, then here you go. Vegan Diet is a part of Veganism, where people completely avoid all animal made products or products extracted from animals by any means. It not only includes the food items, but the other products being made by animal extracts. But as you have to focus only on losing your belly fat, so even if you are not a Vegan, you can just follow the diet for reducing the belly fat.


If you are thinking that how can a Vegan Diet be effective to lose belly fat? Then, you should know that a vegan Diet includes the plant-based diet, which is very low in calories. So, even if you will not keep a count or track of calories, it is fine. And on the other hand, it is a diet which includes a lot of fiber-rich food items, which will keep your tummy full even if you eat a small amount of food. And we need not mention this as the Vegan Diet eliminates all products made by animal extracts including dairy and poultry also, so it makes it a very low-fat diet also. The Vegan Diet includes green vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, nuts & seeds, etc.

The above mentioned Diet Plans were effective for many people who earlier had the same thought in mind that how to lose belly fat. But we will suggest you one thing that before considering these diets to lose belly fat, consult with your doctor or dietician. These diets do not have any such side effects, but if you are dealing with any ailment then we do not suggest you follow these diets without consulting. And, you can even ask your dietician as per your body type, that which of these diets will suit you most for reducing belly fat.

Few Important Tips how to Lose Belly Fat

These tips on how to lose belly fat will be very helpful for you if you are trying to lose belly fat. You can follow these tips along with the diet and the exercise to lose belly fat.

  • Completely avoid a lot of sugar intake in any form. Because it contributes a lot towards increasing the belly fat.
  • Diet and exercise both are important to lose belly fat. So, manage to do both. If you are following a diet, we will suggest you to at least alternatively do exercises or some other physical activities like yoga, aerobics, dance, or any sports, etc.
  • Cook your food in healthy oils only. As this also affects the belly fat. These days, there are many healthy oils available in the market like olive oil, coconut oil, etc.
  • Along with the diet and exercise, your body also needs to take rest. So, take proper rest and proper sleep.
  • Stop drinking alcohol, packaged fruit juices, carbonated drinks, as these all lead to an increase in belly fat.
  • Add more of fiber-rich and protein-rich food items in your diet, this will help in reducing the belly fat.

So, now you have the diets as well as the tips also to lose belly fat. Just remember, that take a calorie count of whatever you eat, if you want to lose belly fat.

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