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How to Meditate • Meditation Techniques for Beginners • Meditaion • Pranayama


How to Meditate

Yoga Meditation is not a new thing introduced to the world. It has been going on since ancient times. However, earlier only saints or sadhvis used to practice it but now it’s not the same. Now even we people also need to practice Meditation Techniques for getting inner peace.


For many of us meditation is just like an art and for some, it is a way to get connected to our inner self. Meditation involves concentration also and as we all know everything comes with practice only so does the concentration also. In beginning, one may find some difficulty in practicing yoga. But there are many yoga Meditation Techniques for Beginners after practicing which one will be able to achieve its benefits.

What is Yoga Meditation?

Meditation is also called ‘Dhyana’ in Hindi. Yoga starts with meditation only meditation is an important part of Yoga. But when we say Yoga Meditation then we somehow differentiate between the two. So, when we talk about Yoga it involves different postures which benefit us in numerous ways. But when we talk about yoga Meditation Techniques so it is a simple form of yoga with a very calm and simple body posture. And it helps in making us realize our true self. Along with that, it let us understand and accept us by making a connection in between our body and our mind.

In Yoga Meditation Techniques, it’s not just the physical posture which is involved but there is a lot more than that. It involves our body, mind, breath, and our senses. And with practice, it involves our conscious mind and focuses as well. Here we will help all the beginners by giving them tips about Yoga Meditation Techniques.

Beginner’s Techniques for practicing Yoga Meditation

If you are a beginner and you want to practice Yoga Meditation, you can use these Meditation Techniques.

  • Body stretching – It is always good to stretch your body a little bit before starting the Yoga Meditation. So by stretching, we do not mean the long stretches which people generally do before their gym workout or before any sports activity. Here we mean a simple stretch and you should put more emphasis on stretching your neck and your spine. It will be helpful in meditating. You can even do stretching by sitting at your meditation place also.                  
  • Keep your body straight – When you are sitting at your meditation place, just remember one thing that your body posture should be straight. Keeping your body straight while doing meditation will be a great help. By doing this your body weight will not be on one part but will get distributed evenly. So it will help you in doing meditation properly as it will make you sit properly while doing this and you will be more focused also because of the proper body posture. Maybe initially you will find difficulty in this body posture but with time you all will learn it.                                                                                                                                                              
  • Think about your life or about your day – While you start your meditation, think about your life or about your daily activities in the initial few minutes. But make sure that you have the positive thoughts, not the thoughts which give you worry. In these couple of minutes, you can think about your life’s purpose or your life’s goal.                                                                            
  • Pay attention to your body – So when we talk about paying attention to your body we mean that try to explore your body parts by just using your senses and inner attention. While doing these keep your eyes closed and just feel every part of your body your head, neck, back, arms, legs, etc. There is a particular way of doing this and you can learn it. In this process, your focus should be on your inner body and also in relaxing your body naturally. By doing this you may miss the deep meditation which generally people practice. But this is also helpful as your focus will be on your body and this will not only make you love your inner body but will help in releasing stress as well while making you comfortable with your body.        
  • Focus on your breath – Your breath is an important part of your Yoga Meditation. So remember that you need to be aware of your breath also. It’s good to feel your breath while meditating, especially in the initial days. But make sure that you breathe slowly so that you can feel the softness of your breath at the nostrils. But do not put your all focus on breathing slowly, let it come slowly and naturally. As you will learn to keep a control on your breath with time. Initially, people say that one should learn different ways and techniques related to breathing while doing meditation. But what actually matters is being aware of your breath while doing meditation.                                                                                                                                    
  • Keep your mind focussed – The key to a successful yoga meditation is focus and concentration only. However, people are still researching about it because few people believe that you should let your mind free. But it is believed that for the deep meditation you have to be focused. Now, there are different things on which you can keep your focus while meditating. As we said above, the body and the breath are the two on which you can keep your focus. People also focus on the space between their eyebrows which is known as ‘the Ajna Chakra’. So being a beginner, you can practice on focussing on what you can. The best choice will be your breath as it will also help you in many ways.                                                          
  • Let the thoughts flow along with the focussed mind – By saying this, we simply mean, that you should keep your mind focused while letting your thoughts flow in. But your thoughts should not distract your mind concentration. This definitely looks difficult but one can learn it by practicing yoga meditation regularly. You can do this by simply keeping your focus on one thing and allowing your thoughts to come.                                                                        
  • Follow the reverse technique while ending meditation – Ending the meditation process in a reverse order is very easy. It just goes like you started with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and now you have to end up in the order of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Just remember the flow of your meditation like you started it by closing your eyes, then you started focussing on your body, then your breath, then in between the eyebrow’s space and do it in a reverse order now.

Tips related to  Meditation for Beginners

These are some simple tips which you need to keep in mind while practicing Yoga Meditation Techniques being a beginner.

  • Make sure that the place where you are practicing the yoga meditation or your meditation seat is comfortable enough. Because while doing Yoga Meditation, you also need to enjoy doing the same while getting the inner peace.
  • Do not keep changing your meditation seat again and again because it will create a disturbance while focussing. Because when you do meditation using the same seat then you become comfortable with it.
  • Generally, it is suggested that if you do meditation in the morning or before eating anything. So if you just had the food, then wait for some time before doing the yoga meditation.
  • Meditation is not something which one can learn in a day or can start practicing for 5 to 10 minutes from the day one. So do not hurry and begin with 1 or 2 mins initially.
  • We all know that taking time out of your busy schedule is not that easy. And that is why people generally start meditating anytime and at anyplace. But this may disturb you as you might not be able to focus because of the change in time and place. So try to make yourself more disciplined about your meditation routine.
  • Also, when you will be fresh, then doing meditation will be much easier. So it is good to start the meditation after taking bath or shower. Even a facewash can make you feel fresh.
  • Keeping your meditation simple is the best rule. So being a beginner you should not focus on for how long you can meditate or how deep you can meditate. But you should simply just learn Meditation Techniques in a simple way.

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