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Stress and its effect on Life-Anxiety, Panic & Health

Stress and its effect on Life

What is Stress?

Often, you all would have heard people saying that they have a lot of Stress in their life. And mostly in a negative way. Right? But have you ever thought that what actually stress is and what can be its outcomes? Although stress itself is a very deep topic to discuss upon. But today we will discuss few aspects of stress here. So that we can know that how to cope up with it. So let’s start with knowing what stress is?

Stress and its effect on Life

There are different definitions you will find over the internet of the Stress. So I will sum up all and will define it in a simple way. So in general terms, you can say that stress is a kind of reaction or you can say a response towards any of the tough situation you are dealing or have to deal with. Mind that, it can be a positive situation also and it can be a negative situation also. And stress brings out different changes in your life including Physical Stress, Mental Stress, as well as emotional changes.

Good Stress and Bad Stress

Now you must be thinking that how can stress be good. But yes, its true stress can be good also when it helps you in fighting back your fear. Basically, the ‘Good Stress’ is a kind of motivation or positive reaction towards the small and little problems you face in your day to day life. Because stress also helps us in motivating ourselves and handling any situation is a more positive way. Like the stress, you all have sometimes because of your office presentation which you have to deliver the next day in front of clients. Or the stress you have while going through an interview. Or the classroom stress of performing well in exams. These kinds of stress sometimes push us in achieving our goals and overcoming the insecurities we are facing.

Talking about the ‘Bad Stress’, so it is the kind of negative reaction or response we have towards anything. Especially, towards that thing which we feel are not easy to deal with. Because at that time we feel afraid or nervous or annoyed or discouraged or depressed also. And this can result in serious problems which will affect our life badly. It can lead to health problems also if not countered timely.

Emotional Effects of Stress

When we deal with stress we start feeling emotionally weak at times. We do have sudden mood swings also which results in frustration and irritation. Due to stress, we can get anxiety issues also. When the stress remains for a continuous period of time, it can lead to a serious issue that is depression. These days there are many people around you who are dealing with depression due to some or the other reason. Also, because of depression, you may panic also for every big or small thing or decisions.

Physical Effects of Stress

Due to stress, there are lots of physical issues which arises. The most common is a headache which is also due to the overthinking because of stress. You may face problem in sleeping also like insomnia. Body pain and muscle aches are also few common issues.

Physical Effect on stress

There are some severe issues as well like high blood pressure, hyperventilating, and rapid change in heart or pulse rate. Feeling of restlessness, feeling low energy, fatigue, dizziness, etc. are few other problems which one can witness. Other than these issues, there are many more physical problems which one has to deal with due to the stress.

Mental Effects of Stress

Just like the physical effects the stress also can mentally affect you. Due to the constant worry because of stress, it can make you mentally slow. Your ability of thinking will also become slow and you may find a problem in solving your life problems. When you have stress you constantly focus on that particular thing which generates negative thoughts in your mind. And it badly affects your mental health leading you to live a life with negative attitude. There are some serious issues also like forgetting things that are losing memory. Also, you will not be able to concentrate on different things and will always have the worry in your mind.

If you are also dealing with stress then it’s time to take a step now to fight back. If yo

u are unsure about the stress, then the best way to counter it is to consult your doctor or therapist or any professional counselor or healer. Stress is common these days but that doesn’t mean that you avoid it. Before it becomes worse, seek help.

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