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How to Increase Metabolism | Best and Fastest Way to Lose Weight |


The relation between Weight Loss and Metabolism

You would have heard many times that for losing your weight you need to increase your metabolism. But generally, people just keep following the tips to increase their metabolism for losing weight without knowing the reason. First of all, it is very important to know the reason behind the relation between the weight loss and metabolism.

The metabolism actually helps in converting your food into the energy. The energy which your body needs for performing different functions. Your body does need energy during the time of rest as well. The energy which is utilized by your body for performing these functions is known as the basal metabolic rate. You all would have heard of a term BMR that is Basal Metabolic Rate.

Why we gain weight?

You cannot blame the slow metabolism alone for the weight gain. There are several factors because of which you are gaining weight.

  • Your lifestyle can be one of the reasons for gaining weight. If your lifestyle is sedentary than you cannot blame the metabolism for it.
  • Your food habits can also increase your weight.
  • It is surprising but not taking proper sleep can also increase your weight.
  • Taking stress is also one of the reasons for weight gain.
  • The hormonal changes in your body can also cause weight gain.

The slow metabolism can be because of other reasons also. But yes increasing metabolism can help in losing weight.

Drinks and food that help in increasing metabolism

You can include these food items and beverages in your diet to increase metabolism and lose weight.

  • The best way and the easy way is to drink plenty of water. Water can solve many health issues. And it will help in increasing metabolism also. Try to drink water slowly and after small intervals. It will not only help in boosting metabolism but will also fill you.
  • You can now bring in the habit of drinking green tea. With the help of green tea, you can easily lose few kilos buy burning fat. Its impact on increasing metabolism is not very much but still, it helps in weight loss.
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  • You can include spicy food (peppers) in your food. But only do it if you are not allergic to it. Having spicy food can be good for increasing the metabolic rate. But do not intake lots of spicy food as it can create other health issues.
  • Drinking coffee can also help in increasing metabolism. Coffee also helps in fat burning. So all the coffee lovers can now lose their weight by sipping the coffee.
  • Avocado and grapefruit are also helpful in boosting the metabolism. These fruits do not have the extra sugar in it. And these are good for your weight loss diet also.

How to boost your metabolism for losing weight?

You can follow these tips for increasing your metabolism for weight loss.

  • For increasing your metabolism and losing weight all the food items we mentioned above are good. If in case any of the food items don’t suit you, you can still choose the other one.
  • For increasing the metabolism, you should take proper 6 to 8 hours of nap. Because of lack of sleep also, your body gains weight and you also tend to have the slow metabolism. So keep a check on your sleeping hours also.
  • Do regular workout for the sake of increasing metabolism. Your workout regime can simply include the running or jogging also. With the help of few simple exercises also you can boost your metabolism. And this will also keep you active and will help in losing weight.
  • Be stress free for losing those extra kilos. It might be surprising, but yes de-stressing can help a lot in keeping your metabolism increase. You can indulge in fun activities, can read a book or can listen to music also for stress free life. I hope now you all will stop taking stress for your good health.

Now stop worrying about your weight and start taking a healthy step towards your healthy life. You can consult your doctor before doing any particular exercise if you have any health issue.

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