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yoga asanas names with pictures and benefits

hatha yoga

To stay fit should not be taken as a choice because it is very much needed today. If you are not fit today then you may be taking a risk with your health. And staying fit is not that difficult as there are different ways of keeping yourself fit today. We have adopted yoga to keep ourselves fit. And the best part about the yoga is that it does not only keeps you physically fit but it also helps in your mental fitness.

Here, we are going to tell you about the different yoga postures which you can add to your daily routine to stay healthy. But before moving towards the Yoga Poses for Daily Routine, you should also know that how it can keep you fit both physically and mentally and why you should choose yoga.

Benefits of yoga

So, let’s find out the reason why yoga is an effective way for a healthy ‘You’. People feel that yoga is time taking and it shows result very slowly but the truth is that even practicing yoga for a few minutes every day can keep you healthy.

  • As you all know that yoga involves a lot of stretching. And stretching is good before the workout also and after the workout also. So practicing yoga for 5 to 10 minutes which involves stretching can ease out the stiffness in your muscles and will help you in your workout also.
  • Yoga also brings flexibility to our body. And with a flexible body, we can do a lot of daily chores easily. As flexibility helps in moving easily and doing any physical task in a better way as the chances of injury become less.
  • Yoga can cure different breathing ailments also. And who doesn’t want to free their lungs from the toxins as well as different ailments. Just 5 minutes a day can help a lot.
  • If talking about the mental health, so there is nothing better than yoga to de-stress and relax your mind.
  • Different yoga poses can help you in healing different problems related to health as well. Like if you have back pain, spine problem, obesity, pain in joints, and also the chronic diseases as well.

There are as many reasons for why one should choose Yoga Poses for Daily Routine. Yoga opens a door for a healthy living for you and your family if you adopt yoga in your daily routine. Now let’s learn about the yoga asanas which you can perform every day.

Sun Salutations or Surya Namaskar Yoga Pose

For a perfect morning yoga session, this one is one of the best yoga which you all can perform. Bringing this yoga into daily routine will help you a lot, health wise also and in building good body postures as well. As this yoga comprises of various postures of Surya Namaskar Yoga Poses. In many places, people practice this yoga asana when the sun rises. This yoga will fill you with energy as they say that while practicing this yoga pose all your 7 Chakras get enlighten. It also helps in bringing inner peace and calmness to the mind. And for a warm-up session also, this yoga can be very helpful.


Surya Namaskar Yoga Pose Benefits –

  • Surya Namaskar helps in the improvement of the blood circulation in the body.
  • Surya Namaskar also helps in toning different body parts like arms, wrist, hand, leg, spine, neck, shoulder, back, etc.
  • Surya Namaskar also helps in developing the balance in your body.
  • Surya Namaskar can strengthen your muscles as well as your heart.

Triangle Pose or Trikonasana Yoga Pose

Trikonasana which is being practiced by the yogis from ancient times. There are different variations of Trikonasana. Like Baddha Trikonasana, Utthita Trikonasana, Parivrtta Trikonasana. And all these variations of Trikonasana Yoga Pose gives different health benefits as well. As the name suggests, it focuses on the triangle posture which is good for balancing your body and for other health-related problems also.


Trikonasana Yoga Pose Benefits –

  • For weight loss or for burning fat, this yoga asana can be practiced as it gives good benefits.
  • Trikonasana helps in developing the balance and focus.
  • Trikonasana helps in strengthening the back, ankles, legs, thighs, hips, and knees.
  • Trikonasana is said to be good for curing health problems like digestion and backache.

Dancer Pose or Natarajasana Yoga Pose

Natarajasana or Dancer Pose yoga, which is also known as the Lord of Dance Pose. Lord Shiva was given this name ‘Nataraja’. And the cosmic dance performed by him used to bring the balance and energy to the Universe. And this yoga asana is also taken from one of the dance poses of Lord Nataraja only. It includes variation in the postures and performing this yoga pose can really help you all a lot.

Natarajasana Yoga Pose

Natarajasana Yoga Pose Benefits –

  • This yoga pose is also beneficial for weight loss as while doing this yoga pose, you will burn calories and fat.
  • Natarajasana It helps in the problem related to digestion as well.
  • Being a dancer pose, this yoga also helps in bringing flexibility in different parts of the body.
  • It can help in stretching also and strengthens different body parts like chest, legs, abdomen, thighs, hips, etc.

Chair Pose or Utkatasana Yoga Pose

The Utkatasana where ‘Utkata’ is a Sanskrit word which means fierce or aggressive. For many, this yoga asana seems to be difficult. Because it involves a posture of a chair or you can say imaginary chair. But it is also said that the longer you practice this yoga asana, the more benefit you will get from it. Initially, it seems to be difficult to practice the chair pose but once you will start practicing it daily, you will be able to do it easily.

hatha yoga

Utkatasana Yoga Pose Benefits –

  • This yoga pose helps in toning your legs.
  • Utkatasana also helps in stimulating abdominal organs and heart.
  • Utkatasana helps in strengthening the muscles of the legs, torso, lower back, spine, and hips.
  • Utkatasana is good for developing body balance and also helps in curing problem like flat feet.

Tree Pose or Vrikshasana Yoga Pose

The Vrikshasana Yoga where one needs to practice a posture like that of a tree. Including this yoga pose in your daily routine will provide you with many health benefits. It is one of the yoga poses which one should practice to bring the balance and strength in the body. As you practice it like a tree which is deep-rooted and is in a steady position which shows the strength and the stability. In starting you may practice it for a few minutes only but once you will do it regularly, you will be able to do it for long.

Vrikshasana Yoga

Vrikshasana Yoga Pose Benefits –

  • Vrikshasana helps in improving the body posture and balance along with strength.
  • Vrikshasana helps in curing or reducing the risk of ailments like sciatica.
  • Vrikshasana can also help in toning muscles of legs and arms.
  • Vrikshasana helps in strengthening the spine, thighs, legs, arms, and shoulders.

All the yoga poses suggested above are for an informational purpose. In case if you have any health issues then before practicing these yoga poses, do check with your doctor.

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