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yoga exercises for beginners | yoga for beginners at home

Are you new in the world of Yoga? And still confused that which poses you should try initially as a yoga exercises for beginners. Don’t worry then, as we will help you with this. So that you can easily and comfortably get adapt to the yoga. We have picked up some yoga poses which a beginner can easily practice in his or her initial days.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners at Home

We can say that once you will start your journey of yoga you will definitely love it as much as you will practice it. But as you are just beginning the journey now, so it is good to try some easier poses or basic poses. So that you don’t find difficulty in moving to the next level of yoga. Below, we have mentioned the yoga exercises for beginners at home.

But before learning or doing these yoga poses being a beginner, there are few things which you should keep in mind. One of the most important is that you should be fit enough to do yoga. As different yoga will need different poses. So, in case if you have any past injuries, then check with your doctor or physician, that whether it is good to practice this yoga or not.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

The Mountain Pose or Tadasana is a pose which you all can start with. It is called Tadasana as the meaning of ‘Tada’ is the mountain. Being a basic yoga pose, this is also one of the yoga poses from which many other yoga poses start. It is a best and suitable yoga pose for a beginner.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Here is how you can practice this yoga pose:

  • Stand straight with your feet together but heels a little apart.
  • Your arms and shoulders should be in a relaxed position hanging beside your torso.
  • Your weight should be on your feet.
  • Raise your hands above your head while taking a deep breath.
  • Your arms should be straight and palms should face each other.
  • Now exhale while bringing your hands down.

 Mountain Yoga Pose benefits

  • It helps in improving your body posture.
  • It helps in improving your legs and feet strength and power.
  • It helps you feel fresh and energetic.
  • It helps in improving blood circulation.
  • It also helps in lowering body aches and stress.

Tree Pose or Vriksasana Pose

Now after the Mountain Pose, Tree Pose is a yoga exercises for beginners to try and practice. It is good for beginners as it helps them in learning how to balance.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Here is how you can do this yoga pose as a beginner:

  • Stand straight by placing both your legs together.
  • Now raise your right foot and keep it on your upper left thigh towards inside.
  • Then bring your hands in the form of prayer position with both palms together in front of you.
  • Now while taking a deep breath, try to lift your arms over your shoulders with your palms separated from each other.
  • Hold this position for around 30 seconds.
  • Now lower and then again repeat the yoga pose with opposite side.

 Tree Pose Benefits –

  • It is good people having a problem of Sciatica.
  • It is good for strengthening calf muscles and ankles.
  • It also helps in toning abdomen.
  • It helps in improving your balance, flexibility, and focus.
  • It also helps in the problem of flat feet by reducing this problem.

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana

The Bhujangasana where Bhujana word means snake and that is why it is also called as Cobra Pose. The posture formed in this Yoga is like that of a snake only with its head raised.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Now here you can learn how to practice this yoga pose.

  • First of all, lie on your stomach on a mat or on the floor.
  • Your forehead should also rest on the floor.
  • Your feet should be together and both the toes should touch the ground.
  • Now keep your hands at the level of your shoulder and your palms touching the floor.
  • Now lift your head while inhaling. Along with your head also raise your chest and your abdomen (your navel should not be raised, it should touch the ground).

 Cobra Pose Yoga Benefit –

  • It is good for blood circulation.
  • It helps in the health problem like Asthma, Constipation, Sciatica, etc.
  • It is also good for females who are facing a problem like an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • It helps in strengthening the spine and increasing flexibility.
  • Also, it can strengthen the arms, shoulders, chest, and abdomen muscles.

Corpse Pose or Shavasana

Often corpse pose yoga is mistaken as a pose for a nap. But it actually is not like this.  Your body will be in a relaxed position but your mind will be fully conscious. Corpse Pose is also known as Shavasana.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Now let’s see how to do this pose.

  • Lie straight on your back like that in a sleeping posture.
  • The leg should be apart from each other and hands should be kept on the side with your palms facing upwards in a relaxing mode.
  • Now you need to close the eyes and then start taking deep breaths slowly from your nose.
  • Now you should start focussing on your body. Start from your head and till feet and focus on your body parts. By this, you are making all your body parts take rest.
  • Meanwhile, you have to also keep taking breaths.
  • As a beginner, you can practice this for around 4 to 5 minutes. And later on when your concentration will be good then you can practice it for more longer time.

Benefits of Corpse Pose–

  • It benefits your mind a lot by making it calm and also by improving your concentration.
  • It helps in decreasing the tension, stress, and depression as well.
  • It is also helpful for a problem like insomnia.
  • Many health issues can be treated using this Yoga Pose like Asthma, Indigestion, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Diabetes, etc.
  • And the most important is that it helps in bringing your complete body on rest.

Lotus Pose or Padmasana

The Lotus Pose or Padmasana is a very old yoga exercises for beginners. As it is not that difficult to try and is also helpful for those who want to do meditation.

Yoga Exercises for Beginners

Here is how you can practice this yoga pose being a beginner.

  • Sit straight on a mat or on the floor and spread out your legs in front of you.
  • Now bend your right knee and keep it on your left thigh. Heels should be near the abdomen and sole should be in a way that it should be pointed out towards upward.
  • With the other leg, repeat the same procedure.
  • Now both your legs should be in a crossed position with your feet resting on the opposite thighs.
  • Now place your hands (back side of your palms) on your knees.
  • Your spine and head both should be straight.
  • Now start taking deep breaths in the same position

The Benefits of the Lotus Pose are mentioned here –

  • It helps to calm down the brain.
  • It helps in increasing the concentration and focus.
  • This yoga is good for the digestion also.
  • It is good for the pregnant ladies as well.
  • Other than these benefits, it helps in menstrual discomfort also by reducing it.

Whenever you are planning to practice these yoga exercises for beginners, just do it with some yoga expert. Because they can help you in forming a correct posture which will be really helpful for you. Also, if you are beginning it for healing any ailment, then do it after consultation only.

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